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Welcome to Lanikai Blue...a retreat for your soul.

Melissa's professional coaching program is powerful! Melissa will help you manage change, attain your goals, live with deeper meaning, and attain greater peace. All you need is to have an open mind, an open heart, and be willing to commit to making changes. Melissa's life coaching is about acknowledging who you are now and motivating you to move forward to create the life you dream of living. Hire Melissa as your life coach, guest speaker, workshop leader, clinical trainer/consultant, or meditation leader, and live a fuller, happier, and healthier life!

One of the greatest gifts that Melissa's mother gave her, was to take her to live in Hawaii around the age of eleven. Ever since then, Melissa has been inspired by the ‘aina (land) and the diversity, and the essence of all that is the "Aloha Spirit." "Aloha" has many meanings including, "affection," "peace," "compassion," "mercy," "love," "welcome," "good-bye," "breath of life," or "essence of life." Melissa passionately feels it is her kuleana (sacred responsibility) to help you live your ho'olina (legacy). Melissa powerfully incorporates these themes to help you make profound shifts in your thinking and way of being.

2013 Summer Wellness Retreat - September 21st, 2013
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Lanikai is a pristine beach location on the island of Oahu. Lanikai means "sea of heaven." The peaceful blue-green healing waters of Lanikai help to soothe Melissa's soul, and give her the inspiration for living the depth of who she truly is. She takes you on a journey to reveal your magnificence and truth as well!

One particular figure, the Hawaiian Goddess "Pele" is of special interest to Melissa, as she is known for her creative power, passion, purpose, and profound love, in addition to being recognized as the Goddess of fire, lightening, wind, and volcanoes. Melissa helps you to tap into your own Goddessness, or Godness. She helps you to live your life feeling on fire, focused, and fearless. Although she currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, Melissa returns to Hawaii for continued inspiration, rejuvenation, and to speak and teach. Melissa believes there are universal Hawaiian lessons that resonate with most people, no matter where you reside.

In essence, Melissa's coaching will compel you to get off auto-pilot, stop living the "shoulds" of others, say "aloooha" to your ego, connect with your soul, get focused, get motivated, and stay aligned with your source, so that you lovingly command that you are the Ali'i (Queen or King) of your own life once and for all!

Melissa's life coaching process is designed to help you:

Assess your life domains
Develop a higher awareness of your values
Define your legacy and life purpose
Gain or deepen spiritual meaning
Set intentions and enjoy your process
Increase consciousness and awaken to your divinity
Maintain an attitude of gratitude
Practice forgiveness
Return to your loving nature
Manage and embrace change
Attain your goals and see results

Melissa's life coaching may be for you if:

You want more peace in your life.
You are ready to commit to change
You believe that personal growth and service are essential to living a full, happy life
a retreat for your soul...

Life Coaching Practices you will be coached on:

Understanding and monitoring your internal process
Managing stress
Using meditation and prayer effectively
Implementing positive affirmation
Listening with non-judgment
Saying "aloooha" to your ego and fear-based thinking
Making positive, healthy choices
Detaching from outcomes
Self-love and telling the truth
Moving out of your "story" and into your glory

It is critical for you to implement the coaching and to use your internal process to feel that coaching is a success. You are encouraged to live the process and practice what the coaching facilitates. Having the desire and dedication towards this investment will help you get the results that you intend.

"The early morning breeze has secrets to tell, listen to it." -Rumi