Melissa Heckman, M.S.W. Professional Spiritual Life Coaching Services

Melissa Heckman is an Integrative Life Coach. Her dynamic coaching masterly weaves together strengths-based and solutions-focused models, with positive practical spirituality and the principles of attitudinal healing. Melissa also creatively integrates gentle yoga, guided imagery, journaling, art, meditation, prayer, and affirmations with her love of Hawaii to give you an exceptional coaching experience.

Melissa excels by helping you to open, let go, forgive and appreciate. With warmth and clarity of spirit, Melissa inspires and motivates you to rise up to living your truth. Melissa helps you navigate your internal world so you are able to re-structure your thinking. She gives you new tools to make better choices in life.

Melissa is a Unity Prayer Chaplain Emeritus from Unity of Berkeley under Dr. Rv. Patriaica Keel. Melissa led the annual World Prayer Day and World Meditation Day events for several years. She has been an inspirational guest speaker, leader, and teacher at Unity in Berkeley, Kailua Unity, and Windward Unity. And more recently she has led service meditation at Unity of Walnut Creek. Melissa credits much of her awareness to the Unity spiritual teachings.

Melissa earned her Masters degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, and has over eighteen years experience as a professional mental health provider helping people from all socio-economic backgrounds. She has worked in legal, non-profit, educational, and with private practice therapy offices. Melissa has performed individual, couples, and group therapy. She has also directed and trained clinical social work teams.

In addition to growing her coaching practice, Melissa currently works for a large, successful medical organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. She serves patients with complex medical needs. She has trained clinicians, at all levels, on issues ranging from “Domestic Violence,” and “Practicing Healthy Boundaries,” to “Spirituality in Healthcare,” and “Effective Patient Communication.

Lastly, Melissa was the former director of the Center Programs at CorStone (formerly The International Center for Attitudinal Healing, started by Dr. Jerry Jampolsky) in Sausalito, CA.

Melissa has successfully worked with individuals and groups in the following areas:

Identity/ Purpose Relationships Spirituality
Self-esteem Job/Career Change Transitions/ Change
Grief/loss Stress/anxiety Management Health Management

Who is Melissa and why is she here?

"My purpose and passion in life is to be whole and complete in the eyes of God and to serve others in order to help them be their highest selves. I am dedicated to a thriving life coaching practice and intend to evolve my practice into a peaceful healing retreat center."

Melissa draws inspiration from many people including her family, close friends and colleagues as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, Dr. Diane Cirincione, Marianne Williamson, A Course in Miracles and The Tao Te Ching.

Melissa is also inspired by her love of nature and the Hawaiian Islands where she grew up. She loves the majestic sunsets on the West Shore of Maui and the North Shore of Oahu, views of the pristine blue-green waters of Lanikai, deep jungle hiking, swimming with dolphins and the sweet scent of Jacaranda trees of Upcountry Maui.

By practicing what she teaches, Melissa “shows up” as a peaceful, positive and caring coach who motivates and inspires others to behold the significance of living a deeply meaningful life. Her spirit and energy radiates a true love and passion for her work.

Melissa currently lives in San Francisco and travels to Hawaii for rejuvenation and to hold workshops and trainings.